Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Anjuman College of Education is a premier college of teaching education in india. The college started in 2007, is the private training in Karnataka state. In existence has been at the service of the youth of Bhatkal and its environs as an educational institution run by the Anjuman Hami-e-Muslimeen for the education formation and professional training preparation of young people of all castes, crudes and communities without any discrimination those who led the way in the bygone years so that they along with the course of pedagogy inculcated a very high standard of efficiency in every teacher they trained. Training them on the best educational
lines at the same time moulding their character to vital and discipline.

Our Mission

The history of Anjuman College of Education has been a long record of progressing growth and adoptions to the changing needs of education at various stages today when galloping advances in science and technology are taking place one side and problems of illiteracy, social wills, moral and spiritual upheavals prevail on the other the teacher trainings are encouraged and provided the opportunities to quality and upgrade themselves in knowledge of the former and are exposed to the later situation thus making education a community oriented endeavor. To this end quality excellence effort dedication and perseverance are emphasized.