Office of the Principal

Welcome to Anjuman College of Education, a milestone of academic excellence and co-curricular and extra- curricular performances which has enlarged and enriched in Uttara Kannada.

Our college has the privilege to have healthy and harmonious ambience and the credit goes to the blessings of our elite members of Governing Body, Anjuman Hami-e-Muslimeen and the diligence put in by learned teachers. This institution has played a cascading role in the career and personality of innumerable students who have brought laurels to the college.

It is a matter of pleasure to say that with the help of continuous comprehensive education system and experienced teachers, I am sure, the institution will be able to produce excellent future academic leaders. It is true that “No nation can rise beyond its teachers”,but it is also true that a great teacher takes pride in allowing his/ her students to excel him/her. The main focus of the institution will be to enable teacher trainees to realize and develop their potentials and possibilities and inculcate moral values enshrined in Indian tradition.

My aim is to ensure that excellence in academics as well as development of an all-around personality is ensured for every student of ours. We at Anjuman College of Education promise a different climate for professional students, we encourage creativity and want our students to be self-reliant. Moreover, discipline non- negotiable factor of a trainee’s life. In our campus they inculcate the values of time management and punctuality by ensuring attendance in the regular classes. Honesty and Integrity should be our second names.

I believe that a teacher is a role model for the society having future in his bones. We are committed to empower our younger teacher trainees with knowledge, work ethics, and academic excellence with ahabit of clear and independent thinking. Our objective is to transform teacher trainees into integrated personalities with noble ideals.We are also committed to provide trained and committed teachers with multi-dimensional qualities and professional competencies in the field of Education.

We welcome the new teacher trainees and urge them to explore their talent and abilities through the B.Ed. program. My colleagues are here to guide and motivate you during this important phase of your life. We value your trust in our College.

With best wishes and blessings for the upcoming session……..

Dr. Zakiya Sultana Zarzari
Anjuman College of Education


Phone: 08385 224970