• Providing teachers training education to rural/urban youths especially for economically and socially backward committees and become a teacher to any institution for social transformation.
  • To mould the young generation to be compassionate to all living creators committed to values of Indian culture and conclusively contributive to the welfare of the mankind.
  • To maintain a balance and positive out look to the success and failures of life.
  • To foster leadership qualities and to provide an opportunity for integral growth of personality of the rural youth.
  • To provide the students intellectual nourishment and also inculcating such value in them such as moral, ethical, sense of justice and respect for society.
  • Making rural youths academically, socially competent by instilling knowledge skills and values in order to make the responsible citizens of India.
  • To develop positive self image and external poise and confidence.
  • To radiate joy, love, peace and contentment through interpersonal
  • relationships.